The ROAD Partnership has pledged to provide a minimum of 100 volunteering opportunities, and if vacancies arise, interviews for individuals on the Programme who meet the criteria. As responsible and community-minded employers, all Partners want to create opportunities for those they work with as well as providing support.

The ROAD Partnership provides coordination and liaison to support current volunteering opportunities and to set up new placements, as well as monitoring this element of the programme.

We offer a range of services that supports the recruitment and placement of volunteers, and supporting organisations with volunteer provisions.

Why become a volunteer? Volunteering is very rewarding for you and makes a real difference for other people. It can help to:

*Create a greater sense of well-being

*Gain new experience and skills

*Developing more confidence

*Increasing your social circle

*Provide a structure to your day

What type of opportunities might be available?

As a Volunteer, you can choose to do as much or as little as you wish. You may decide to commit a few hours a week on a regular basis, or you may wish to get involved for only one activity, or for a few weeks if you have some spare time available.

It’s your choice, but whatever you do, you can be sure you’ll be making a real difference. There are many examples, including:

*Helping out at a local Community Centre, Library, at a School or Youth Club

*Driving someone to see a GP or Hospital

*Spending time helping an elderly person

*Getting involved in sport, perhaps passing on your skills to others through coaching

As responsible employers in County Durham, each of our ROAD Partners are committed to providing volunteering, work placements and job opportunities for Participants.

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