Managing Anxiety – remembering what you can control

Date: April 7, 2020

Categories: Public Events

One of the biggest sources of anxiety is not feeling as though you don’t have control of things in your life. Whether you regularly experience anxiety or not, we’re all in uncertain times during this new, unprecedented, but temporary way of living.

It’s easy to obsess over the things you can’t do or change, so, now more than ever, it’s important to take time to reflect on the things you CAN have control over. Wit h this in mind, one of our Health Trainers, Faye has put together this list to help focus your ideas

1: Your beliefs

2: Your attitude

3: Your thoughts

4: Your perspective

5: How honest you are

6: Who your friends are

7: What books you read

8: How often you exercise

9: The type of food you eat

10: What risks you take

11: How you interpret situations

12: How kind you are to others

13: How kind you are to yourself

14: How often you say “I love you”

15: How often you say “thank you”

16: How you express your feelings

17: Whether or not you ask for help

18: How often you practice gratitude

19: How frequently you smile each day

20: How you spend/invest your money

21: The amount of effort you invest

22: How much time you spend worrying

23: How often you think about the past

24: Whether you choose to judge people

25: How you respond after a setback

26: Whether you appreciate what you have