Success for Participant with Health & Wellbeing

A ROAD Participant working with Navigator, Gillian, from Humankind has begun to turn her life around with help from the ROAD Programme.

The Participant signed up to ROAD in February 2017, and having last worked in 2008, was completely lacking in confidence and feeling socially isolated. They were referred to the Health and Wellbeing strand of ROAD, and began working with a Health Trainer looking at healthy eating and exercise. The individual took part in the ROAD walking group, joined the gym and began to attend the coffee afternoon, but still isolated themselves from the main group, feeling uncomfortable in social situations.

The Health Trainer began running quizzes which the Participant excelled at, increasing their confidence, after which they attended an accredited Volunteering Passport and Skills for Employment course, further improving their confidence, leading to several volunteering opportunities that they took part in.

The Participant is now volunteering at a lunch club for the elderly, and now they are confident enough to attend interviews, they are actively job searching.