Sarah says: “Thank you for helping me to gain confidence…”

Sarah Pringle was referred to the ROAD team by housing association, Livin. She wanted to live a healthier lifestyle but lacked motivation, she also wanted support with getting on top of her finances as she wanted to save for her future better. She always saw herself taking on a qualification too, but wasn’t sure where to start.

Sarah worked with a financial / digital & health / wellbeing specialist & was also well supported by her navigator, who guided her along the journey to achieving her aspirations.

A tailored plan was implemented that enabled Sarah to better manage her finances, alongside 1:1 cooking sessions in alignment with the NHS Eatwell Guide inspired Sarah to shop well, plan her meals & eat more healthily.

This quickly became a great habit, which, in turn, had a positive impact on her mood & she sleep patterns.

Sarah continues to experiment with food, paying close attention to her budget, buying key ingredients at a reasonable price & batch cooking & freezing portions where possible. Her social life has also benefited as she now has the confidence to cook meals for friends.

Since Sarah has been supported by the ROAD team she has started to plan for the future, undertaking a distance learning course. She hopes to start a degree next year.

Sarah says: “Thank you for helping me to gain confidence & understand that I can follow my dream. I wouldn’t have applied for my college course without the support of the team at ROAD”.

Here at ROAD, we believe that Sarah made all the changes herself, & that we were just a small part in the process. We know that it is easy to lose focus, especially when life gets tough, however, with the right kind of support & guidance, our specialists can help participants to work on an action plan that helps them to prioritise their wants & needs, & put them on a path to setting future goals.

Sarah quickly achieved clarity after a short time of working with the team. Regular progress reviews reminded her of how far she’d come.

Well done Sarah, you should be incredibly proud of yourself. It was a pleasure to support you!