ROAD Hops on Board Google Bus & Meets MP Kevan

When the Google Bus came to Stanley, County Durham, ROAD Groundwork NE & Cumbria Health Trainer Faye, from Pioneering Care Partnership – PCP got on board to spread the word us.

Whilst on the ROAD, she met Kevan Jones and Cllr Carole Hampson, the Mayor of Stanley, who were both VERY enthused by the good work we have, and will continue to do with our many Participants, even writing this short article:

ROAD works with those aged 25 and above in County Durham who are out of work, and is a FREE and VOLUNTARY programme.

For more information, call 01207 524 833, email [email protected] or visit to read how we have helped hundreds of people to FIND THEIR POTENTIAL.

ROAD is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.

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