Health & Wellbeing

We anticipate that almost half of our Participants will have health issues, many of which have been identified as barriers to employment including depression, anxiety and social isolation.

ROAD’s health and wellbeing offer includes the following themes and corresponding activities:

  • My Physical Health: Physical activity, dance, walking, outdoor activity, horticulture, physiotherapy, healthy lifestyle courses, long-term conditions / weight management, swimming / water aerobics, yoga / Pilates, sports.
  • My Wellbeing: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, counselling, drama, film, arts & crafts, performance, singing, music, instruments, creative writing, stress, anger and anxiety management, bereavement management.
  • My Confidence: Communication skills, positive steps courses, self-defence, connecting with communities through photography, role-play.
  • My Future: An information source detailing community courses, activities, groups and events that can sustain mental wellbeing. The Financial and Digital Inclusion offer also work to this theme to provide a joined-up approach.

One-to-one work is delivered via qualified Health Trainers, and any specialist provision, such as counselling and physiotherapy, is delivered by suitably qualified and registered practitioners.

All other interventions are ran through group activities.

ROAD Health Trainers are:

Angie Cooke – Health Trainer at Pioneering Care Partnership

Angie has worked at PCP for 7 years on a variety of projects including outreach in the community: Move4Life, CPAL, Community Alcohol, GRT, and toddler and befriending groups. Angie loves that working on ROAD allows her to meet people and help them to improve their lifestyles. Her proudest moment on ROAD to date is a surprise to be revealed in the coming months. If Angie was an animal, she’d be a cheetah – She loves her sports and really enjoys to run.

Faye Guy – Health Trainer at Jack Drum Arts

Before joining Team ROAD, Faye was a Health Trainer Team Leader. The variation and diversity that ROAD Participants offer is Faye’s favourite part of working for ROAD. Working already, one of Faye’s Participants was nominated for a County Durham Volunteering Award.

Lynne Harrison – Health Trainer at Pioneering Care Partnership

Awaiting bio

Mary Taylor – Health Trainer at Pioneering Care Partnership

Working with individuals to improve their health, Mary’s role before working on ROAD was that of a Stop Smoking Advisor. She most enjoys working one-to-one with Participants on ROAD to improve their lifestyles and achieve their goals, and to date, her proudest moments of working on ROAD are helping a Participant to lose 3kg in 3weeks, and working with another who used to drink 25 cups of coffee a day who is now down to just 5!

Ann Towers - Health Trainer at Pioneering Care Partnership

Ann has a dancewear shop and worked in Market Research for well over 20 years. Her passion is running, having set up a running group a year ago which now has over 100 active members and is becoming quite well-known and established. Ann enjoys sewing and anything to do with the arts, especially dance-related items. Ann loves meeting people and gets a lot of satisfaction working with them to achieve their goals.

Carol Wilson - Health Trainer at Pioneering Care Partnership

Carol worked for fifteen years in childcare before spending the last five years in education. She gained a degree in Food and Nutrition and a Masters degree in Public Health. Her position as a Health Trainer feeds her passion for helping people to improve their lifestyle and seeing them grow in confidence. Carol enjoys reading, (usually about nutrition and lifestyle), running and cooking.